Eagle Sport
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Common Specifications

Hull Glass fibre moulding with built in Polystyrene foam buoyancy
Length 3.05 m
Width 1.87 m
Height off cushion 1.12 m (750mm duct fitted)
Un-laden weight from approx 136 kg 300lbs depending on model
Hover Height Hard structural clearance 200mm
Transmission Toothed belt reduction drive. Optional gearbox on some models
Skirt Extended segment type, with interchangeable individual segments each having separate air feed hole from hull.
Controls Centre  console seat with handlebar steering, lever throttle, lanyard safety cut off switch. Elevator control on Eagle Sport


Model Variations

Briggs & Stratton 22hp 4 stroke

Engine cover not shown

Eagle Formula 25

This is the ideal hovercraft for the children. It is powered by a 22 bhp V twin cylinder engine driving a single 900 mm dia ducted fan via a toothed belt. (can be raced in Juniors and Formula 25)

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 22 hp fan cooled with electric starter.

Price: Complete 5,676.00  Kit form 4,725.00



Starter and Gearbox drive options on Eagle 447, 500 & Sport

Toothed belt drive is replaced by a small reduction gearbox as used on most microlight aircraft. The engine is installed in the hovercraft inverted i.e. the spark plugs point downwards. A fibreglass engine cover is fitted to give the hovercraft a smart appearance.

Price:    Gearbox option  230.00             Electric start option   995.00

Eagle 447 with 750mm duct and gearbox options

Eagle 447

This craft is our best seller, fitted with a single engine driving a 750 or 900 mm ducted fan via a gearbox or belt drive. Eagle 447 is mostly used for leisure activities, corporate days and functions.


Engine: Rotax 447 40 bhp twin cylinder fan cooled.

Price: Complete 750mm fan 5,720.00     900mm fan 5,995.00

          Kit form 750mm fan 4,725.00       900mm fan 5,055.00

Eagle 500 with gearbox option

Eagle 500

Eagle 500 is a high performance racing hovercraft, with its single 500cc engine and light weight make it ideal for racing in Formula 2 or Formula 503

Engine: Rotax 503 53 bhp Twin Cylinder Twin Carbs, Dual Ignition. Fan or Free air cooled.

Price: Complete 6435.00      900mm fan  6,650.00

          Kit form 5,495.00        900mm fan  5,715.00


Eagle Sport

This is a modified Eagle 500 for the experienced driver. This craft has a larger 900mm ducted fan and has the addition of an elevator for more stability and tighter cornering. The Eagle sport is also fitted with a progressive pressure skirt for added stability.

Engine: Rotax 503 52 bhp Twin Cylinder Twin Carbs, Dual Ignition. Fan or Free air cooled.

Price: Complete 6,738.00

          Kit form 5,770.00

Eagle F1

This craft is twin engine, the lift engine drives a 550 mm Dia. ducted fan by direct drive. The thrust engine drives a 900mm Dia. ducted fan via a reduction gearbox or belt drive.

Engines: Lift - Simonini Mini 32 bhp single cylinder 2 stroke , free air cooled.

              Thrust - Rotax 503 53 bhp Twin Cylinder Twin Carbs, Dual Ignition. Fan or Free air cooled.

Different thrust engines can be fitted - price on application.

Price: Complete 9,159.00

          Kit form  7,656,960.00



Eagle Kit - Yamaha 250

This is an Eagle 500 in kit form prepared for  the fitting of a second hand Yamaha 250 motorbike engine (not supplied).

Price for kit excluding engine 2,995.00

All our hovercraft kits come complete with all the parts required to build the complete hovercraft. A step by step instruction manual is provided to make the task of assembling the hovercraft easier. No specialised tools are required to build the hovercraft, just a normal tool kit will do.

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