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Catalogue Items:

Product Group Heading Part No Product description Pack size Retail price Picture
Transmission Misc
Taper lock bush 2012 taper lock 25 or 30mm bore 1 11.40 images\taperlock.jpg
Transmission Misc
Crankshaft / Pulley adaptor bolt, washer - 1 0.75 images\spacer-washer.jpg
Transmission Misc
Right angle drive gearbox Ratio 1:1 Aluminium housing see notes below for further details 1 115.50 images\rightanglegearbox.jpg
Transmission Misc
Belt tensioner Pulley - Dia. 75mm 65mm wide runs on slack side of the drive belt to tension it. Pulley is supplied with two 25mm taper roller bearings, seal, end dust cap and mounting shaft to bolt to frame. 1 79.50 images\belt tensioner kit.JPG
Transmission Misc
Belt tensioner pulley only 1 23.50 images\belt tensioner pulley.JPG


Foot Notes:

Product Group Heading Notes
Transmission Right Angle Drive Gearbox This gearbox is used on shaft driven lift fans, the fan is mounted directly to the gearbox. The gearbox is driven via a shaft and flexible couplings from the thrust engine. 1:1 Ratio Aluminium Housing, 7/8inch heat treated shafts, Mounted on ball bearings, Heavy duty heat treated bevel gears, 10 horsepower, Weight 2.7kg


updated 24/02/2007