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Mirage Formula 1 - 1st Place in 2002 Formula 1 National Championship

Mirage hovercraft hulls are ideal for racing and leisure activities. Hulls are made from glass fibre with built in polystyrene and polyurethane foam buoyancy. Lower skirt attachment points and air feed holes are drilled as standard. Aluminium angle fitted around outer edge for upper skirt attachment. Integral 1100mm thrust duct and 550mm lift duct. The Mirage hull can be fitted with a wide range of engines.



Glass fibre moulding with built in polystyrene & polyurethane foam buoyancy.

Thrust duct: 1100 mm Lift duct 550 mm.

Dimensions Hull length 3.355m  Width 1.87 m   Height off cushion 1.395 m
Un-laden Weight From approx 182 kg (400lbs) depending on engines used
Hover height Hard structural clearances 175 mm
Transmission Toothed belt reduction drive for thrust, direct or reduction drive for lift.
Skirt Extended segment type, with interchangeable individual segments each having separate air feed hole from hull.
Controls Centre console seat with handlebar steering, lever throttle, lanyard safety cut off switch, Elevator control optional.
Lift Engine Simonini Mini 32 bhp Single cylinder 2 stroke, free air cooled.
optional Briggs & Stratton 11 hp Single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled.
Thrust Engine Rotax 582, 65 bhp twin cylinder 2 stroke, water cooled.
Options Rotax 503, 50 bhp twin cylinder 2 stroke, air cooled.
  Rotax 447, 40 bhp twin cylinder 2 stroke, air cooled.
  Briggs & Stratton 22bhp V twin, air cooled.
  Citroen 2 CV 35 bhp horizontally opposed twin 4 stroke, air cooled.


Price List

Mirage Hovercraft all fitted with a Simonini Mini 32 hp lift engine


Thrust Engine            Rotax 582

                                Rotax 503

                                Rotax 447






Kit Form





Mirage Cruiser fitted with a Briggs & Stratton 11hp lift engine.


This hovercraft goes at a more relaxed pace of 30 mph and is suitable for everybody. Both engines have electric starters.


Thrust Engine            Briggs & Stratton 22 hp













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