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Hovercraft are particularly well suited to corporate entertaining and team building days:

They are challenging and fun to use. Drivers need to take heed of the briefing and apply balance, control and finesse. Piloting a hovercraft is not about speed.
Hovercraft will not damage grass land. Wheeled vehicles will tear up the surface, in wet weather the ground is turned to mud.
Surprisingly, unlike driving a wheeled vehicle, piloting a hovercraft involves a degree of physical effort to keep the craft balanced. This gives an opportunity for "blowing the cobwebs away" for those who have spent time seated in seminars.
Hovercrafting is a motor sport item, yet, doesn't require the ability to drive a car so it is a great leveller and team builder for all ages from 16 years upwards.

K & M Products are very active in the areas of corporate entertaining, they both manufacture hovercraft specially for the corporate market as well as providing craft and instructors for events and team building programmes.

K & M Products corporate craft are durable and easy to maintain hulls fitted with reliable aviation industry standard engines for maximum "up-time" and client satisfaction.

Contact Ken Rigley for a quote for your corporate event or craft

Candidates are given a thorough safety and hovercraft driving briefing and demonstration before flying solo....

The hovercraft is a K & M Products Eagle 447. It is fitted with a large duct to reduce air velocity and twin rudders to help steering control for novice pilots

A typical reaction to others hovercrafting efforts usually produces some laughs and team bonding.


Click on the image for a 6mb video clip of Andrea, a candidate on her second practise lap, doing a great job of negotiating the slalom section of a course.